An awning is an extra covering attached to an outdoor wall of a building. Typically a light structure composed of aluminium or steel is fabricated then the fabric of choice is stretched tightly over the frame.

Awnings are often located above a window or doorway, however with the addition of posts the awning becomes what can be known as a canopy, which allows the awning to extend further from the building.

Pro Shade offer a wide range of awnings which include folding arm awnings which may also be referred to as retractable awnings, swinging arm awnings, fixed frame awnings, structural awnings which may also be knows as a canopy awning, as well as custom designed awnings.

Awnings are used in both commercial and residential applications. Shops, Restaurants and Hotel entrances often engage in the use of fixed frame awnings for extended weather protection, public walkways throughout areas such as in Brisbane City frequently use custom designed awnings offering appropriate protection and excellence, structural/canopy awnings and retractable awnings are ideal for patios and verandas where a traditional building structure may not be appropriate or desired.

Pro Shade can custom design any awning to suit your application. We will work together with you in recommending an ideal product that will compliment both the physical and aesthetic needs that you require.

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