Fabrics and Colours used by Pro-Shade

Please see below for a brief description of what our fabrics listed are and what they may be used for.

Atmosphere Mesh & Vista Range - Mesh/Shade Blinds Dri-Z - Waterproof Shadecloth & Structures
Architect 400, Poly FX & Z16 - Shadecloth Sails & Structures  Protex - General Vinyl
Mehler, Ferrari 502 & Ferrari 802-S - Vinyl Sails & Tensile Structures       
Mariner - Boat Hooding & Ute Canopies
Sunbrella, Billabong, Docil - Awnings & General Canvas Flexible Clear Glazing - Clear/Cafe Blinds

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Architec 400 Shadecloth
Architect 400

Atmosphere Mesh

Atmosphere Mesh


Docril Fabrics


Billabong CanvasBillabong

Ferrari 502
Ferrari 802-S

Valmex FR 580


Mariner Premium Boat Hooding


Flexible clear glazing

Flexible Clear Glazing
Poly Fx shadecloth
Poly FX
Protex PVC
VistaRangeVistaweave Z16

All fabrics listed are a guide of our general products used, we have a much larger range of fabrics and colours in store. To view our complete range of fabrics and colours or to speak to our knowledgeable sales manager, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.