A Shade Sail is a product designed and used over small and large outdoor areas to create both shade and protection from the weather. Shade Sails are made of a shade cloth or waterproof vinyl which is suspended and tensioned between several anchor points. Usually installed in areas where protection from the suns harmful UV rays and other harsh weather conditions is required.

Shade Sails are ideal for  commercial and residential applications which include covering areas such as barbeque and entertaining facilities, car parking and vehicle storage, residential swimming pools, public swimming pools and leisure centres, childcares, schools and universities.

Using only the highest quality products sourced from reputable suppliers, Pro-Shade’s premium grade sails use cleverly concealed reinforcing patches providing maximum strength without ruining the appearance. Specially reinforced wire pockets are used to stop the perimeter stretching and to eliminate fabric wear from the wire. The fabric is carefully laid in the correct direction suitable for each custom sail plan so it will not stretch as much as a conventionally made shade sail and allowing it to be tensioned at higher loads reducing movement or flapping of the sail. All fittings and wire used by Pro-Shade are of 316 marine grade stainless steel. All this combined with the same thread as used in NASA space suits means, we make really tough sails!

Using our design service, together with experience and knowledge we are able to recommend an ideal shade solution that will compliment both the physical and aesthetic needs of your project.

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