A Shade Structure is created using a rigid steel frame, this is then covered in a shade or vinyl membrane. Shade structures may also be referred to as tension or tensile structures.

A Shade Structure can be designed in such ways that there are virtually no limitations on what a structure can be used for or look like. Shade Structures are ideal for covering small or large outdoor items or areas in both commercial and residential applications.

Shade structures are not limited to any shape or size, they can be as simple as a two post structure to cover a taxi or bus loading zone or as a large as a barrel roof structure on an Olympic pool arena. Shade structures include anything from structural umbrellas, shade shelters, structural awnings, cantilever structures, barrel arches and hip and ridge structures.

Shade Structures are ideal for applications which include covering or offering an architectural appeal to areas such as barbeque and entertaining facilities, public and shopping centre car parks, swimming pools and leisure centres, parks and recreational facilities, childcares, schools and universities, outdoor eateries, open air/outdoor auditoriums, garden nurseries and hotels and resorts.

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