Shade Umbrellas To Keep You Coooool

Giant umbrellas can be collapsible, fixed or rotating, portable or permanent structures used to offer protection from the elements.

Umbrellas are utilised in a wide range of commercial and residential applications, including café and restaurant outdoor tables, residential swimming pool and spa areas, hotel and resort pool and spa areas, car parks, boardwalks and walkways.

There are many variants of giant umbrellas including:

  • Market Umbrella, a collapsible and portable umbrella, often used throughout cafés and restaurants.
  • Cantilever Umbrella, which is a collapsible overhanging umbrella fixed securely to the ground with the ability to pivot allowing the umbrella to be re-positioned as the shaded area transitions. Cantilever Umbrellas are ideal for pool and spa areas.
  • Structural Umbrella, which is a fixed steel frame structure with a membrane applied over the structure in a manner where the shape of an umbrella becomes apparent.

Umbrellas come in a wide range of sizes suitable for both small and large applications.

Pro Shade can custom design an Umbrella to suit your requirements. We will work together with you to select an ideal product and suitable fabric that will compliment both the physical and aesthetic needs that your application requires.

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